KRAP!  These products are aimed at making your work on set more efficient, professional and aesthetically pleasing.  There are many products here for the on-set professional and some examples of custom work for specific use-cases.  If you have a problem on your rig you’re trying to solve, I would love to help you find a solution.

KRAP!, otherwise known as Kelsey Rocks Allen Plastic is a venture I’ve started after years of making one-off designs for myself and a small circle of colleagues.  I’ve been working as an Assistant Camera and Operator for over 10 years professionally and all of these years on-set have helped me see what I want to make my camera builds cleaner and cooler.  If it doesn’t look cool, is it really a good camera build?

So please, take a look at what I’ve got to sell here and if you are in need of a custom solution for your workflow, shoot me an email and we can talk!

KRAP!  It’s just plastic, but damn if it don’t work!